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What makes Donald Tusk a Global Shaker?

The Former Prime Minister of Poland is representing the EU 27 at the Brexit negotiations. He is not a big fan of Theresa May and her supposed idea of ‘cherry picking’ the policies that work in Britain’s best interest.

Tusk has been involved in Polish politics since the early 1990s, having founded several political parties and held elected office almost continuously since 1991. Tusk was one of the co-founders of the free-market-oriented Liberal Democratic Congress party.

He entered the Sejm (lower chamber of Poland’s parliament) in 1991 but lost his seat in the 1993 election which went badly for the Congress. In 1994, the Congress merged with the Democratic Union to form the Freedom Union. In 1997 Tusk was elected to the Senate and became its deputy speaker. In 2001 he co-founded another centre-right party, Civic Platform (PO), and he was again elected to the Sejm and became its deputy speaker.

He was elected Prime Minister in 2007 and with his party’s victory in the 2011 Polish parliamentary election, he became the first Prime Minister to be re-elected since the fall of Communism in Poland.

He sees Britain as being out of the bloc once the negotiations are done, and strongly believes that it must not have special privileges without agreed preconditions between member states.

Last updated: April 24, 2018