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What makes Dina Torkia a Global Shaker?

Dina Torkia’s business idea was born out of frustration. As a fashion-conscious Muslim, Torkia become increasingly bothered by what appeared to be a lack of awareness surrounding how Muslim women interact with modern fashion. With over a million followers on Instagram and over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube, Dina Torkia has gone on to make a great impact in the sometimes-conflicting worlds of fashion and diversity.

“I was really frustrated with the fact that there was no half-decent representation of Muslim women looking stylish, they always kind of looked drab and really religious, which can have negative connotations,” said Torkia. With this drive to represent the diversity in Muslim women’s fashion came Dina’s immensely popular fashion blog, Dina Tokio. The young entrepreneur site is adorned with images of the young fashionista experimenting with new trends against an urban backdrop.

Impressively, much of the garments modelled on-site are designed and produced by Dina herself. Dina Tokia takes her place amongst a growing movement of influencers which seek to challenge societal conceptions of the hijab. ‘Hijabi Bloggers’ provide Muslim women with the means to voice their love of fashion, without rejecting their hijabs. As a fashion designer and stylist, however, Torkia has already gathered an impressive online following, collaborating with high street brands such as Liberty London and presenting fashion features on BBC Radio 3 programs.

Last updated: May 6, 2019