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Deborah Meaden





United Kingdom


65 years

Est. Net Worth

£40 Million Spear's Magazine


Lifestyle & Culture




What makes Deborah Meaden a Global Shaker?

Deborah Meaden is the British entrepreneur who ran a multi-million-pound family holiday business before completing a management buyout and eventually joining some of the country’s leading entrepreneur’s in the popular BBC 2 series, Dragons’ Den. Born in Somerset and raised in Essex, Meaden studied business at Brighton Technical College before taking the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship.

The life of success hasn’t been all smooth sailing for this business tycoon. Meaden moved to Italy at the tender age of 19 to set up her own glass and ceramics exports agency, which failed after 18 months. Meaden maintains that this was one of the most important stages in her development, in that it showed the importance of walking away from a fruitless enterprise.

Meaden is one of the most prominent investors to join the cast of Dragons’ Den, with her total investments to date amounting to over £3.3 million. Notable business deals overseen by Meaden include the 2009 acquisition of Fox Brothers, as well as the 2011 launch of The Merchant Fox.

Last updated: May 15, 2018