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Debbie Wosskow

Founder & CEO

Love Home Swap


Founder & CEO


Love Home Swap


United Kingdom








What makes Debbie Wosskow a Global Shaker?

When Debbie Wosskow sat down one evening to watch Christmas romantic comedy The Holiday, she didn’t have any clue that the Jack Black laugh-fest would inspire her to set up her very own property firm. After being inspired by the film’s plotline, Wosskow, along with her brother set up Love Home Swap in 2011.

Love Home Swap tapped into a previously unseen gap in the market which focussed on the concept of ‘home exchange’: indeed, the clue is in the name of the business. Wosskow considered how swapping homes could drastically change how she travelled with her family and children: why book a hotel when you can stay in a real home? The British entrepreneur succeeded in creating a hub of like-minded people with luxury homes who were prepared to temporarily exchange their homes with other users. Indeed, she comes as one of the latest business minds to champion the idea of a “shared economy”.

Wosskow hasn’t only found success in Love Swap Home, however: Debbie has authored a government-commissioned report on the industry, as well as chairing the UK Trade Body, Sharing Economy UK. Aside from her securing of £7.5 million in funding from Wyndham Worldwide and the acquisition of 1stHomeExchange and Home for Exchange, Wosskow also runs the female-focused investment fund AllBright as well as popular lifestyle app LifeStyler.

Now sitting on the Mayor of London’s Business Advisory Board, the future certainly seems to be bright for Debbie, who oversaw the multi-million pound acquisition of Love Home Swap in 2017.

Last updated: April 22, 2018