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What makes David Muñoz a Global Shaker?

Sort of like a culinary Damien Hirst, David – or ‘Dabiz’ — Muñoz is an artistic ball of energy, whose zest for culinary creativity is reflected by three Michelin stars. He has four restaurants: Diverxo, StreetXO Madrid, Streetxo London, and recently opened site, Streetxo Dubai.

His flagship restaurant offers taster menus with a mix of Mediterranean, Chinese and Japanese food, with menus of differing length depending on how much time the customer has.

He tells the site 7 Canibales that the DiverXO menu varies and rotates dishes a lot. “It’s constant R&D. Everything is a little chaotic.” He also stresses that he doesn’t have signature dishes, and the absolute longest a dish is in the restaurant is 12 months.

The young risk taker emerged onto the culinary scene in 2007. His restaurant DiverXO, originally with space for just 30 people, became an “overnight gourmet sensation” by serving up a type of cooking that was relatively rare in Madrid.

He reportedly got a taste for gastronomy during frequent visits to Madrid restaurant Viridiana as a child, and the fundamentally artistic nature of owner Abraham Garcia, who dabbled in photography, travel and art. After culinary studies he worked in Spain and abroad, including just under two years at both Nobu and Hakkasan, two renowned Asian restaurants in London.

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Last updated: May 9, 2020