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What makes Damian Kimmelman a Global Shaker?

It was Damian Kimmelman’s negative experiences as an expat in the US which compelled him to disrupt the world of fintech. After getting involved with a less than reputable firm, the entrepreneur was left feeling burnt out, helpless and frustrated that he didn’t know more about what he was getting involved in.

With that frustration came the advent of DueDil, which was founded in 2011 with the earnest goal of contextualising the world’s private company information. DueDil – aptly shortened from ‘due diligence’ – was born out of a will to stop fellow professionals from falling into the same trap Kimmelman had. Thanks to the power of DueDil, users can effectively ‘suss out’ any business after just a few clicks on the company’s website.

This nifty fintech platform accrues data from every source imaginable: websites, financial reports, registry data – even high court judgements. The success behind DueDil and its founder lies in how the platform effectively breaks down this information and presents it to its users in an easily-accessible, jargon-free way. For Kimmelman, his business idea meant that prospective employees, investors and others could discretely access information on companies, along with their directors, managers and CEOs. With clients including the Royal Mail, Dell and Unicef, DueDil has been branded as “the Bloomberg of private companies” by the Financial Times.

Over recent times, Kimmelman has become an outspoken critic on the United Kingdom’s Brexit negotiations, earning himself a position blogging for the prestigious Huffington Post. As well as being a Director of social-giving organisation Founders Pledge, Kimmelman also counts a Chinese gaming platform and a growing digital agency amongst his own personal accomplishments.

Last updated: April 22, 2018