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Chris Zhong

Founder & President

Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation


Founder & President


Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation




Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation





What makes Chris Zhong a Global Shaker?

Chris Zhong is the president and founder of the Blockchain Philanthropy Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that promotes blockchain technology to enable and increase the impact of humanitarian initiatives around the world.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the organisation works with charities, nonprofit organisations and philanthropists by focusing on education, partnerships, and research and innovation—all with the aim of accelerate the impact and furthering the reach of their missions.

“We are committed to changing the world by providing thought leadership in the social good space,” she told The Huffington Post. “We want to connect NFPS [non-financial public sector] corporations, governments, philanthropists and the blockchain community together to build a better future. Our team speaks at conferences to voice the challenges that vulnerable communities face, and how blockchain can help. We also have various research projects in collaboration with academics and NFPS in areas like cryptoeconomics, infrastructure for charities, health care and cryptocurrency donation.”

Chris also leads the Accenture Australia Blockchain and Emerging Technologies innovations.

Prior to getting involved in blockchain, she worked at Microsoft in cloud technology, was the director for Xactr and served as an IT consultant.

“At the moment, there [is] a lot of hype around blockchain, especially cryptocurrencies,” she said. “I think it is important for us in the technology space to be role models and do something practical to bring the real value of blockchain to the vulnerable communities.”

She received a bachelor’s in computer science from Donghua University in Shanghai, a masters’s in information technology from the University of Melbourne and an MBA from AGSM at the UNSW Business School in Sydney.

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Last updated: October 23, 2019