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What makes Charlette Desire a Global Shaker?

Mobile app developer Charlette Desire is CEO and co-founder of BACE, an AI-powered identity verification channel with OCR and facial recognition technology.

BACE was covered in Forbes for bringing cutting-edge facial recognition technology to bear on the problem of identity in Africa. A key market is financial institutions, home to some of the strictest ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) tests, and the founding team hopes to scale the project to provide identity verification universally on the continent.

BACE works by asking the user to upload a picture of their ID and submit it or take a picture of it with the camera of the device currently in use. It could also be used for quick and seamless check-in at airports. Creating digital identities to access course materials in education, with additional applications in healthcare, telecommunications, and the public sector.

The Ivory Coast native is also co-author of The AI Book, which is being published by Wiley Finance. It’s reportedly the first globally crowdsourced book on the applications of AI in #finserv.

“With BACE API, financial companies can easily digitise their services in a secure environment,” the company writes. “The BACE API software uses facial recognition powered by AI, which allows financial institutions and businesses to remotely verify the identity of their customers,” the company writes on its website.

“We invite businesses to apply for our special offers during the COVID-19 pandemic today. The objective of this opportunity is to help African companies prepare for a post COVID-19 world, with virtual and no-touch identity verification.”

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Last updated: May 22, 2020