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Catherine Day

Special Advisor

European Commission


Special Advisor


European Commission


Republic of Ireland


70 years


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What makes Catherine Day a Global Shaker?

Catherine Day has served as the Secretary-General of the European Commission and is now one of the top advisers to the European Union.

In November 2005 she was appointed as Secretary General of the Commission. During her term of office, she developed the role of the Secretariat General in cross Commission policy coordination, its better regulation and impact assessment/policy evaluation approach and was a key negotiator of the 2014-2020 multiannual financial framework for the EU budget.

She is an expert on European policy formulation, and her opinion on certain key issues in the negotiation process such as access to the single market for Britain and access to the Customs Union has held considerable sway in the corridors of Brussels.

Day has already hinted at the possibility that Britain might end up with a deal similar to that of Norway.

Last updated: May 3, 2018