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Carl Johan Grandinson

CEO and Co-Founder



CEO and Co-Founder






Glue Home






What makes Carl Johan Grandinson a Global Shaker?

Carl Johan Grandinson is the co-founder and CEO at Glue. Previously, he was the co-founder of Tre Kronor Media, a leading award-winning media agency in Scandinavia.

Grandinson also co-founded Ameibo, a film distribution company. He was the first founding employee and regional director at Tradedoubler, and is a seed investor and advisor of several technology start-ups.

Glue has invented a way to use a smartphone as a secure key to open your door, from anywhere you happen to be. The app takes the place of physical keys, and you can give (or revoke) access privileges instantly. You’re also notified of when the door is locked or unlocked, and the smart lock can be retrofitted to mount on just about any door.

The technology is a step forward in the smart home service industry and the founders are seeking to expand the service to other smart home solutions such as facial recognition locks and voice-activated security protocols.

In June 2019, Glue announced that it had received 50 million SEK ($5m) for new investments and to develop cooperation with e-retailers, ahead of the company’s expansion into the UK in the autumn.

“We are launching in October and will also present a new version of the lock,” Grandinson told Breakit.

Last updated: August 9, 2019