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What makes Camilla B & Liz B global shakers?

Boozing for a better complexion has never been a thing, until Collagin. The aptly named tipple from Young in Spirit’s is the worlds first drink containing added collagen — the structural protein in our skin that maintains elasticity but depletes with age causing the dreaded wrinkling effect.  

The beautifying beverage is the brainchild of Oxford-based gin and beauty fanatics Camilla Brown and Liz Beswick.

They set up Young in Spirit’s in 2016 and spent about a year formulating the product and finding the right type of collagen that did not affect the taste of the gin.

The pair of PR professionals appeared on the UK TV show Dragon’s Den in 2018. Their presentation got off to a rocky start after revealing that to actually receive anti-ageing benefits from the drink, punters would need to consume several bottles – which could, in fact, have the complete opposite effect to what was desired.

Despite this, two of the dragons were snared upon seeing the gimmicky marketing potential of the elegantly bottled gin — that would look equally at home in a high-end beauty boutique as it would on the shelves at the back of a cocktail bar — and gave the gintrepeneurs the £50,000 they asked for in exchange for a combined 30 percent cut. A smart move considering the ingestible-beauty-products industry is projected to be worth £160bn worldwide by 2022.

Since their appearance on Dragon’s Den, Beswick and Brown have also launched a rosé version of Collagin and numerous other products including miniatures and scented candles.

Their products can now be found in every John Lewis Store across the UK and also online at Ocado.  

Last updated: May 21, 2019