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Caley Shoemaker

Founder & CEO

The Hangar 1 Distillery


Founder & CEO


The Hangar 1 Distillery




The Hangar 1 Distillery


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What makes Caley Shoemaker a global shaker?

Caley Shoemaker is a self-confessed “spirits nerd” and one of a handful of female distillers to lead operations for a major American spirit brand.

Originally, Caley wanted to be an artist but everything changed when she took a tour of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey distillery in Denver. She ended up working there leading tours and tastings and fell in love with the art of whiskey making. She begged her bosses to teach her the craft. Fast forward ten years and Caley is now the creative brains behind the California-based Hangar 1 Distillery and oversees all phases of production.

Caley draws her inspiration from her surroundings and the abundance of seasonal ingredients available in the area.

The master distiller has overseen the launch of numerous innovative spirits including an easy to drink, cocktail-friendly rosé vodka. The vodka range also boasts exotic and unusual flavours from chipotle to mandarin. Her most exciting invention though is without a doubt Fog Point — a crisp vodka made from the famed Californian fog.

An environmental ally, Caley’s idea for Fog Point came about during the California drought.

“Fog Point is a true expression of California, distilled. It’s also an articulation of our commitment to preserving the fragile ecology of our home state.”

To create Fog Point, Hangar 1 installed fog catchers to turn fog into fresh water. This water is then blended with vodka crafted solely from the distilled wine of California’s Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc + Viognier. The results are said to be “an extraordinarily crisp, pure, and gluten-free sipping vodka with elegant hints of pear, citrus, and honeysuckle.”

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Last updated: May 21, 2019