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Boris Johnson

Member of Parliament

The Conservative Party


Member of Parliament


The Conservative Party


United Kingdom


60 years


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Boris Johnson



What makes Boris Johnson a Global Shaker?

Boris Johnson is a British politician, popular historian and journalist. He has been Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs since 2016. He is also an MP for Uxbridge and has filled the role since 2015, he previously served as the MP for Henley from 2001-2008 and the May r of London from 2008-2016. Although he is regularly described as a one-nation conservative he tends to support socially and economically liberal policies.

Like many within the Conservative Party Johnson attended Eton College before winning a scholarship to attend the University of Oxford and read Literae Huaniores – a four-year course in Classics. He attended the university at the same time as fellow conservatives David Cameron, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt and William Hague. Before moving into politics Johnson worked as a journalist for the Times and the Daily Telegraph.

Boris Johnson jumped ship to the ‘Leave’ camp as the rival Brexit campaigns kicked off, despite previous media coverage identifying the Conservative politician as an ardent ‘remainer’. Johnson’s claims across the course of the campaign have attracted scrutiny from the British media – including claims that the NHS would see a £300 million injection after departing from the European Union.

Johnson’s decision to switch sides has been attacked by fellow party MP’s and the press as a purely tactical decision by a politician keen to progress his rank within Theresa May’s Conservative Party. Since the referendum, Johnson has emerged as a voice of influence, both within the Conservative Party and the wider Euro-sceptic movement.

Last updated: May 16, 2018