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Shaking up the scientific world

Bob Lazar is a physicist who acquired his master’s degree in physics and electronics from MIT and Caltech, respectively. He claims that in the late 1980s, he worked on the anti-gravity propulsion system of an alien craft for the USAF in a secret location known as S-4, several kilometers south of Area 51.

According to Lazar, the alien craft had an antimatter reactor and was powered by a stable isotope of Element 115, which generated a gravity wave to enable the vehicle to fly and evade visual detection by bending light around it. Lazar also claimed that he saw at least nine flying saucers and provided detailed information about the advanced technology used to power the craft.

Test flights – JRE interview with Bob lazar – Test flights.

Despite being ridiculed when he first went public with his claims in 1989, Lazar took a small group of people out in the desert on three separate occasions to show them the test flights for the craft he was working on. VHS footage of these test flights confirms the existence of an unidentified advanced flying object at the time and place Lazar had specified.

Hand scanner

The security device that measured the bone sizes in your fingers, which Lazar claimed was used at S4, was not confirmed until the release of the documentary “Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers” in 2018 when photos of the device he had described were found.


Los Alamos phonebook 

Bob Lazar stated that he worked at Los Alamos laboratory, but all of his education and work records seem to have been revoked from national databases. Lazar stated that he worked at Los Alamos laboratory, and his listing in the phonebook confirms this. 


He can be heard quoting in the documentary Bob Lazar: Area 51 & flying saucers that Los Alamos would not simply hire someone straight out of college and that his popularity within the scientific community around the state of Nevada proves that he was indeed someone with the education and knowledge to attend such place of work. 


Element 115

he FBI, FDA, and NRC raided his laboratory following the release of the documentary, which discussed element 115 and how it was used in the anti-gravity propulsion device that powered the flying saucers.



Bob was put under hypnosis by Layne Keck and recounted along with sketches of the craft that he worked on and reverse-engineered confirming the claims of how the anti-gravity reactor worked.One of the responses from Bob that Keck took as genuine was when Bob recounted under hypnosis how a golf ball thrown at an active reactor ricocheted off its gravity field and chipped a ceiling tile.


Keck said Lazar recounted the tale several times and each time the emotional reaction was the same and appropriate to the situation. He was asked if it was possible for this reaction to be faked, and Keck said it probably was, but it was also very difficult to get all the cues right. (This is also the factor that I feel is the strongest in Bob’s favor: always displaying the right emotional responses for his descriptions of his experiences.)


Jet car guy

Another factor to add to this fantastic story of Bob Lazar. From the Santa Fe New Mexican, 30 Jul 1982, Fri · Page 30. He was also well known in the area as the jet car guy in the early 80s prior to his involvement with Area 51 or S4. Proving that he is genuinely someone with knowledge and hands-on experience within the scientific and physics community. 

So, what’s the verdict?

Bob hasn’t profited or benefited from sharing his involvement in the story. While it’s impossible to verify his claims, watching the extensive footage available on the internet will make you think. Despite the passing years, Bob has always stood by what he said in 1989 when he first went public on KLAS TV, reported by George Knapp.

Whether or not you believe Lazars claims, without him we wouldn’t know about the secret USAF base, Area 51, element 115, or the possibility of an advanced civilization visiting Earth.

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Last updated: February 22, 2023