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Bill Huang (黄晓庆)

Founder & CEO



Founder & CEO











What makes Bill Huang a Global Shaker?

Bill Huang (黄晓庆) is the founder and CEO of CloudMinds (达闼科技), the world’s first cloud-based intelligent robotics technology and operating company.

Chinese robotics company that is attempting to create a worldwide ecosystem of smart machines. To make this target a reality, the company will have to build a cloud-based network that operates as a communication system for AI robots.

“With [our technology], users will…be able to access a hidden virtual space, similar to planes in stealth-mode,” he explained in an interview with Caixin, as reported by Tech Node. “Hackers will not be able to find you, they’ll have no way to attack you. This is the core of the next generation of mobile technology. It will be vital for finance, healthcare, government, and big corporations.”

Bill believes that CloudMinds will be the artificial senses of the robots of the future, as they will need a cloud system to have the ability to think, see, hear, listen, walk, and function completely autonomously.

The company has created META, a guide helmet for visually impaired people. The device helps these people to navigate their environment through GPS positioning, voice commands, and image recognition. The project has received $130 million in funding to date and has long-term aspirations to build a full-service housekeeping robot.

Bill is a serial entrepreneur and was the leader of the China Mobile Research Institution in 2007. He graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering before moving to the University of Illinois, where he completed a master’s in electrical engineering and computer sciences.

Last updated: April 23, 2019