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Bibop G Gresta

Founder and CEO

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies


Founder and CEO


Hyperloop Transportation Technologies





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What makes Bibop Gresta a Global Shaker?

Bibop has a mission: to update a broken system and change the world for the better – and it’s working. Bibop and his team have their sights set on the future of travel. The Hyperloop is an entirely new, sustainable transport system that will be powered by its own renewable energy sources, transporting people between cities at the speed of sound.

Bibop is a firm believer in the power of the collective mind to solve large problems. When he was introduced to Elon Musk’s white paper describing the theoretical Hyperloop, Bibop used a platform he developed called The Jump Start Fund to bring together a collective of leading scientists, mathematicians and engineers from all over the globe to start collectively tackling the problem.

Bibop is driven by his frustration with inequality and outdated systems, and believes passionately in the power of our collective minds to solve them. Once Hyperloop is off the ground, he will be looking for his next challenge to leverage the collective against.

Last updated: May 13, 2018