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What makes Ben Lupo a Global Shaker?

2019 may finally be year that dismissing video games as a waste of time may ring hollow: numerous people, simply playing video games and asking others to watch online, managed to raise $3.7m for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital — a charity committed to supporting children suffering from cancer and other terminal diseases.

This astounding push was led by Dr Lupo, real name Ben Lupo, a live-stream gamer from the Ohmaha in the US who raised $920,000 in just four and a half hours. He was playing the hugely popular game Fornite, a game that has apparently become so addictive that even famous football stars had been forced to seek medical support.

Lupo can count over five million followers across various social media accounts, and broadcasts his games via Twitch. He offered a series of rising incentives to encourage people to donate, including entry into a raffle to win one of a number of electrical goods, or the ability to hamper Dr Lupo’s gaming by introducing obstacles. Donations of all sizes came in, including up to $40,000 in pledges from anonymous sources.

Overall, Forbes reports that Dr Lupo was able to bring in an average of $3,400 per minute for the charity.

According to the site YouTube Fandom, Lupo started as a streamer in 2014, playing the online game Destiny, and is known as a member of a streamer group consisting of Ninja and Timthetatman. His gameplay has had more than 90 million views across YouTube and Twitch.

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Last updated: June 26, 2019