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What makes Bear D’Egidio a Global Shaker?

Bear D’Egidio is considered to be the world leader in paintball and airsoft park marketing and operations, as well as one of the world’s top five paintball ambassadors. He is the CEO of Giant Sportz, the world’s premiere paintball and airsoft parks. With five locations in Southern California, the group hosts some of the biggest paintball and airsoft events in the United States. Bear is also the founder of Giant Tactical, Giant Sportz’s in-house apparel and product brand gear for both paintball and airsoft. He has used top social platforms and e-commerce to expand his business to over 400,000 participants per year.

As a professional paintballer, he has played on international pro teams such as Dynasty Entourage, Mutiny, Russian Legion and the Team USA 2015 World Champion team at the World Cup in Asia. He has been named to the National Professional Paintball League all-star team twice. Bear is also one of the most sought-after paintball clinicians, providing seminars to teams, field owners and event organisers around the world. His tournament paintball series, BEARSCUP, is one of the longest running tournament paintball series in the world.

He has been featured in various TV shows, including National Geographic, and was a playable character in video games played on XBOX and PSP.

Using his expertise in online and digital marketing strategies, Bear has also founded Men Grooming Co; PARTÈ Company, a luxury men’s grooming essentials company; Loose Thoughts, a clothing brand available at Urban Outfitters; and Ground House Burger.

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Last updated: December 19, 2019