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Arnold du Toit

Founder & CEO

Drive Daddy


Founder & CEO


Drive Daddy


United Kingdom








What makes Arnold du Toit a Global Shaker?

It wasn’t until British entrepreneur Arnold Du Toit entered an Enterprise Associate Scheme at London South Bank University that he realised a future in business was his destiny. Starting his own company at only 21 years old in the midst of his university finals, Du Toit is now well known as the founder of Drive Daddy, the company that manufactures “RolleyGolf”, the first powered golf trolley in the world that can be stored in the boot of a small car.

Unlike many industries, leisure, and particularly golf refused to be negatively impacted by the financial recession: as consumers continued to purchase these products, Du Toit became aware that there was much space for revolutionary, innovative products in the market.

For this young businessman, success has been represented in the gap between innovation and invention: RolleyGold represented an immensely valuable concept, however the idea required an entrepreneurial push to get his firm successfully lifted off the ground. What began in earnest quickly caught the attention of sporting and gadget magazines across the UK, with Du Toit’s company, Drive Daddy receiving the valuable assistance of marketing agency, Yawn.

Since then, Du Toit’s efforts have earned him the Generation Y Not? Award, as well several lucrative sponsorship and partnership deals with leading sports brands across the UK and Europe.

Last updated: April 19, 2018