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Anne-Christelle Pérochon

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What makes Anne-Christelle Pérochon a Global Shaker?

Anne-Christelle Pérochon is the founder and CEO of Bim a major player in food tech. Before her professional career began Pérochon completed an MBA in finance strategy at Reims Management School. She had a circuitous route to setting up her own company. After leaving university she worked in the financial services industry for some huge institutions.

She started out as a financial auditor EY where she stayed for two years between 2010 and 2013. Pérochon then had a short stint at AXA’s private equity branch working in investor relations before becoming a private equity analyst at 123 venture. It is clear then this entrepreneur has a skill for discovering promising investments in a variety of markets.

After leaving the finance world she founded Bim – a geolocalised app that is connected in real time to the availability of a city’s best restaurants – in 2015. The app already has more than 75,000 users between Bordeaux and Paris, the two cities it is currently operational in. It raised €2.5 million in funding in late 2017.

Its system covers the best 10% of venues in each city with selection down to combining information from the best guides and gastronomic references. It’s planned for people who don’t intend to book in advance and would like to be notified when a restaurant that suits them is available at a convenient time. Reservations are often not honoured and this app will give diners a chance to grab last-minute tables from restaurants that need them filled so it helps everyone.  

Last updated: May 24, 2018