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What makes Anna Pollock a Global Shaker?

Anna Pollock is the Founder of Conscious Travel, a social enterprise that supports hospitality service producers, local residents and travellers in promoting responsible travel.

Taking a “holistic, integral approach to tourism development,” the organisation is designed to maximise net positive benefits and ensure guests, employees, businesses and places flourish. It runs learning programmes to grow “Conscious Hosts” that act as positive agents of change in their community, and embed conscious business principles in the tourism sector.


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Focusing on hotels and accommodation, Conscious Travel aims to help fulfil their potential as “leaders of flourishing enterprises contributing to prosperous, healthy communities.”

For residents, it wants to help people who care about the place they live and nurture unique cultures that have evolved over time. The website recognises that residents are “often promised many benefits from tourism but receive few.”

It continues: “It is rare that they are given the chance to determine the kind, pace and scope of tourism that takes place in their homes and can have such a direct impact on their lives.”

And for travellers, it wants to help an enjoyable way for people, particularly Millenials and Boomers, to enjoy “meaningful, transformative experiences” in a responsible way.


Conscious Travel

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Pollock founded Conscious Travel in 2010. At the same time, she was Consultant & Social Business Practitioner for Sei Mani, assisting large commercial enterprises in harnessing the power of social business, and Strategic Advisor of Polynesia Xplorer, a destination management company based in Samoa.

Before this she was co-founder of the Icarus Foundation, which is a not-for-profit environmental policy, research and education organisation focused on sustaining a climate friendly tourism industry in Canada.

She’s spoken at the UN World Tourism Organisation, and holds a degree in Geography from Kings College London.

“I’m passionate about [tourism’s] capacity to generate well-being, wealth and welfare for people and places provided it is managed properly — ie with respect for the interdependence and connectendess of all life and in harmony with the laws of nature,” she says on the Conscious Travel website.

“We’ve managed to shift the thinking from having their primary objective be about growing the numbers, to creating flourishing destinations, flourishing communities and having them say what kind of tourism they want,” Pollock told The New York Times.

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Last updated: September 26, 2020