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Anna Byrne

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What makes Anna Byrne a Global Shaker?

Since the late 1950’s, when Wham-O designed a plastic hoop that became the world’s fastest-selling toy, the ‘hula hoop’ has spun in and out of fashion. However, the simple-yet-effective plastic hoop has fallen into favour with health & fitness aficionados across the world, thanks to young entrepreneur Anna Byrne.

Along with her husband, Rowan, Anna set about establishing a business in 2013 which would offer fitness classes which place emphasis on having fun. Byrne was to first establish herself as a hula hoop performer and teacher, earning herself the industry nickname of “London’s cult hula hooping artiste”.

Since creating the London Hula Hoopers Community in 2007, Byrne was in prime-position to launch hula-hooping classes whilst also performing all over the world as “Anna the Hulagan”, from New York and Ibiza to London and Shanghai. With Hulafit, however, Byrne has allocated all her resources into creating a weekly fitness class business which aims to get people back into being healthy the fun way.

Since appearing on BBC’s Dragons Den, Anna Byrne has set her sights on the global stage, launching classes across Malta and Paris, training well over 100 instructors in the process. Only 5 years since establishing Hulafit, this young entrepreneur has gone on to oversee a business which has both brought the fun back into fitness whilst resurrecting one of history’s most popular plastic toys.

Last updated: April 19, 2018