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Amy Hennig

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Amy Hennig is the American video game director and scriptwriter best known for her work at Naughty Dog. After debuting her design work on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System with Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City, Amy went on to work with Crystal Dynamics, where she assisted in the production of the popular Legacy of Kain series.

Life in the gaming world wasn’t always the plan for Amy. The English Literature graduate dropped out of film school at San Francisco State University after realising that her talents could flourish in the rapidly growing industry, with her scripts reaching living rooms across the world.

As a celebrated writer, Amy has been instrumental in placing video games at the forefront of storytelling. She maintains that the creative direction of a game’s script holds greater importance than graphics; the Uncharted and Legacy of Kain series have received critical acclaim for their compelling storylines and engaging character dialogues.

Amy has been called one of the most influential women in the video game industry by Edge magazine and has emerged as an example of a female success story in a traditionally male-dominated industry. The scriptwriter has been awarded a Special BAFTA Video Game Writing Award, as well as a nomination for the Writers Guild of America’s Video Game Writing Award.

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Last updated: May 17, 2019