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Alloysius Attah

Co-Founder & CEO



Co-Founder & CEO











What makes Alloysius Attah a Global Shaker?

Alloysius Attah is the CEO and co-founder of Farmerline, an AgriTech company with a focus on creating lasting profits for farmers by developing solutions and simplifying transactions for all actors in the value chain: farm input companies, sustainable food brands, financial institutions, government and development entities and, of course, farmers. The company aims to be the “Amazon” for farmers.

“We were faced with a simple problem, which still exists today: connecting farmers to information, which hopefully helps them increase their yield and income,” he told How We Made It in Africa.

With a background in the small-scale farming industry, the company has served over 200,000 farmers and mapped 700,000 hectares of farmland over 11 countries. Farmerline is also the first organisation on the continent to offer information through voice messages in the users’ local languages, helping to bring the knowledge gap for small farmers.

“Personally, I grew up in a farming community,” Alloysius told How We Made It in Africa. “My co-founder grew up in a farming community as well. Most people at Farmerline spent some time on a farm, and have a very strong agricultural background. And so, we being engineers—having the ability to build mobile and web applications—have inspired us to build something that solves problems for farmers.”

In addition to his work with Farmerline, Alloysius has also served in various positions with the TAHMO Initiative, Echoing Green, Cornell University, the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, iCottage Networks and Alloyworld.

Some of the awards he’s received for his work are the Echoing Green Global Fellowship and the Cordes Fellowship.

Alloysius has received a bachelor’s in natural resource management from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

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Last updated: May 24, 2020