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What makes Alice Zagury a Global Shaker?

Alice Zagury is the co-founder and CEO of The Family, a start-up accelerator based in Paris which offers these newly formed companies access to education, tools and capital to scale up and ideally grow into billion-dollar businesses. Zagury sees it as a community of ambitious entrepreneurs and says she invests in the people she meets not just the start-ups they work for.

What separates The Family from other start-up accelerators is that its CEO views it as a long-term project, by creating a space where “entrepreneurship is encouraged and individuals are given room to grow, a place with big dreams and huge upside, where serendipity is always possible.” Her aim for The Family is to be the hub of the most creative and ambitious entrepreneurs in Europe. Zagury is not averse to risk and wants members of the Family to operate under the right conditions, with the right responsibilities to be able to take risks.

She co-founded the Family with Ousamma Omar and Nicolas Colin. Zagury thinks they are a compatible trio because Omar is fond of business and philosophy, Colin is an engineer and an intellectual, and she herself is a creative doer. There are offices in Paris, Berlin and London.

Alice Zagury’s father is from Casablanca and her mother is from Paris. She studied at Emlyon Business School before undertaking a postgraduate programme at the Indian Institute of Management, located in Indore. The creativity of individuals is what drives and inspires her. 

Last updated: April 8, 2019