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What makes Albert Salman a Global Shaker?

As President of Green Destinations, Albert Salman works with destination representatives and stakeholders to “make their places better and more sustainable.”

The organisation is a non-profit foundation for sustainable destination development and recognition, leading a global partnership of representatives, expert organisations and academic institutions.

Salman has been President of Green Destinations since 2014. He’s also the founder of Green Destinations, the Sustainable Top 100 and the “Best of Top 100 Awards,” which the Green Destination website describes as the “ultimate Global Awards series for Sustainable destinations.”

The travel professional has also been on the Board of Directors at the ECNC Group, which brings together European orgs working for a sustainable Europe, and spent 9 years as Director, Senior Advisor and later Director of Sustainable Development at the Coastal and Marine Union.

“Sustainable tourism is a really difficult thing that maybe hardly exists,” he told Hopineo in a YouTube video, “because it’s a process in which we need to involve people, tourists as well as local people — citizens in their destinations — taking care of each other, of the planet, and still allowing each other, especially the business sector, to make money on it, because all of the elements are so important.”

He stresses the importance of having a high quality responsible travel offer that is independently checked, which is then identified and boosted to be presented prominently to travelers. For this reason it launched the Green Travel Guide to create a catalogue of locations and businesses that really are making a difference.

The Green Travel Guide regularly suggests a destination of the month: recently featured was Schouwen-Duiveland, an island located in the Netherlands that has ensured a range of responsible tourism offers. These include “well protected nature of the coastal sand dunes,” “well preserved cultural heritage in Zierikzee,” and “green leisure parks with marinas and water sport facilities.”

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Last updated: September 25, 2020