Image: The Daily Mail
Image: The Daily Mail

Akshay Ruparelia

Founder & CEO



Founder & CEO




United Kingdom


Est. Net Worth

£12 Million Property Industry Eye







What makes Akshay Ruparelia a Global Shaker?

Studying for A-Level examinations can be an extremely stressful affair. However, that didn’t stop a 19 year-old Akshay Ruparelia from setting up his very own multi-million pound property business. Doorsteps comes as part of an emerging group of property start-ups led by ambitious young entrepreneurs, with the company’s founder described in the press as the “Uber of the property world”.

The concept behind Akshay’s business lies in the hiring of self-employed property consultants, proportionate to the amount of properties the business must sell at any particular time. By following this model, Doorsteps have massively cut overheads whilst also allowing its users to take a greater degree of control in the process of buying and selling property, which can often seem daunting.

It was in the middle of his exams that Ruparelia sold his first home – a five-bedroom, semi-detached house with a swimming pool. Since his first taste of success in the property industry, this young entrepreneur’s ventures promise to shake up the frigid housing market by offering an attractive 97% discount on the selling of homes. As the son of two deaf parents, this young entrepreneur was frustrated by observing the “extortionate” commission fees charged by estate agents for what were often simple tasks.

Embracing modern technology, Ruparelia launched an innovative property firm which operates on both an online and offline basis. Now the 14th largest estate agency in the UK, this young entrepreneur’s £12 million business has been rated in the country’s top 5 for customer service, as he tips his hat to the rogue estate agents that inspired him. Is it any surprise that the media have dubbed him as “the new Alan Sugar”?

Last updated: April 18, 2018