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Edible Bug Farm


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What makes Adam Routledge a Global Shaker?

Starting your own business from scratch isn’t easy – especially when your business is committed to persuading their customers to eat insects. That’s what makes the story of Adam Routledge so compelling: the former academic-turned-bug-lover saw a huge gap in the market for what is, in fact, a high-protein (and apparently tasty) foodstuff.

Along with co-founder Matthew Anderson, Adam Routledge went on to establish Edible Bug Farms – the innovative farming sites across the United Kingdom which produce human-grade edible insects using exclusively scientific management principles. The little-discussed entomophagy industry (the field of making bugs edible) has been truly disrupted by this eco-venture, which promises an alternative solution to the imminent global food crisis.

According to the brains behind Edible Bug Farms, the ‘need’ for their business is supported by hard fact: the UN estimates that roughly 70% of global agricultural land and fresh water is allocated to farming livestock. What produces more meat per kilo feed than a cow? A cricket. However, changing public perception is the hard part for the team at Edible Bug Farms.

Whilst Routledge and Anderson continue their crusade to introduce crickets into the UK’s mainstream diet, the pair hope to catch up with the pork, fish and beef industries very soon. Routledge’s ambitious work earned him Shell’s LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award in November 2015 – an award which should silence the sceptics (for now).

Last updated: April 18, 2018