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What makes Abdellah Mallek a Global Shaker?

Abdellah Mallek is the founder of one of Algeria’s first private startup accelerators. Sylabs, based in downtown Algiers, combines technology, entrepreneurship and startup art, fostering both talent development and creativity among its users.

“I think that Sylabs’ most important achievement so far has been its ability to build an entrepreneurial community, where there previously wasn’t one,” he told Soukie Speaks in 2017. “Not only have we stimulated the startup ecosystem in Algeria, we’ve also helped many startups connect with big clients.”

The tech and entrepreneurship hub offers startups and small businesses space  work, trainings, events, workshops, mentorship, partnership and networking opportunities. The accelerator’s main goal is to increase the number of startups in Algeria, as much of the country’s top talent leaves for opportunities overseas.

Founded in 2015, Sylabs has become the heart of the Algerian startup ecosystem.

“After almost two years, I’m very happy to say that Sylabs has become one of the most important references for startups and entrepreneurship in Algeria,” he said. “Not only has Sylabs succeeded in gathering Algeria’s aspiring entrepreneurs, it has also succeeded in attracting other important stakeholders to the startup ecosystem including students from different universities, artists, developers and all kinds of other people and organisations, who are interested in the value that we add to the local economy.”

Abdellah is the co-founder of Startup Algeria, one of the organisers of Startup Weekend and BeMyApp events throughout the country, and a radio host and producer of JOW Radio, a radio show that focuses on entrepreneurship in collaboration with Sylabs. He has previously served as a contributor to Wamda, the top entrepreneurship media network in the greater Middle East.

He founded two failed startups, a student tutoring network and an e-tourism platform, prior to launching Sylabs.

Abdellah earned a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics and a master’s in operations research from Houari Boumedien University of Sciences and Technology.

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Last updated: March 21, 2020