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What makes Abbie Synan a Global Shaker?

Abbie Synan, also known as ‘Speck on the Globe’, styles herself as an ethical traveler. She boasts more than 25,000 followers across her social media accounts.

Synan has been traveling and working remotely since 2013, specialising in highlighting ethical travel practices, wildlife conservation, and being a mindful global citizen.

On her website, Synan writes that her need for explorations and adventures “seemed to come from before birth and was insatiable.” She graduated with a degree in Journalism and French, and despite dreams of living in Paris as a writer, ended up working in medical administration in Philadelphia.

She spent time with her family to support her family whilst her father was ill, and when he recovered she picked up contact with a friend who had been trying to get her to visit Thailand, and began a nomadic journey.

“While Pittsburgh always feels like home to me, experiencing new places is more fulfilling for me than standing still.”

She’s written for many places, including Impact Travel Alliance (See Kelley Louise profile) and Purposeful Nomad (See Caitlin Murray profile).

Her recent posts focus on social issues and domestic travel, given international travel is mostly on hold for the time being.

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Last updated: September 25, 2020