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Pete Ceglinski

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Co-Founder & CEO










What makes Pete Ceglinski a Global Shaker?

Aussie boat builder Pete Ceglinski is the CEO and co-founder of Seabin, the company behind a ‘trash skimming’ water pump designed to be installed in ports, yacht clubs and marinas. The young company has just raised $1.2 million from around 1000 small investors to expand operations, which currently filter 500 million litres of seawater every day.

Ceglinski — a product designer by trader — left his job and renovated a run-down furniture factory in Mallorca, Spain to develop the Seabin prototype with co-founder Andrew Thurton. It works as an electricity-powered pump, sucking water through the machine and catching floating debris, including disposable cups, cigarette butts, large and small water bottles. The Seabin is estimated to cost $3 a day to run, with an ability to catch 1.4 tonnes of debris per year.

Newer versions of the Seabin – which has been sold across Europe, South America and East Asia – are trialling oil absorbent pads, helping them absorb oils and detergent commonly found in marinas. The company has expanded to 52 countries of operation.

The Seabin has won numerous sustainability awards, including a social impact award from the Good Design Awards in 2018 and an Environment Award from the European product design awards in the same year.

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Last updated: March 4, 2020