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What makes Steve Greenall a Global Shaker?

With his company’s products now commonly found in music classrooms across the UK, no entrepreneur in the musical education industry has created waves quite like Steve Greenall of Coventry-based firm, the Warwick Music Group.

As creator of the plastic trombone – the pBone – Greenall’s firm now sells over 25,000 of the instruments every year, after starting off as a standard musical retailer. Years later, Greenall’s business brainchild has emerged as the world’s largest supplier of trombones, with massive investments of £700,000 from venture capital specialists Midven and HSBC Bank. This entrepreneur’s products have found success in their practical advantages: the instruments are typically cheaper to produce and have a cheaper retail price, as well as being more damage-resistant and lightweight than their brass counterparts.

Recent investments have aided the Warwick Music Group in creating the world’s first all-plastic trumpet – the pTrumpet – with current plans to develop more products, including the pCornet and the pFlute. Available in a range of colours, Greenall’s products have earned the firm the NAMM Best in Show Award for two consecutive years, with recent announcements celebrating the company’s expansion into the United States.

Selected as one of the 50 most innovative businesses in the Midlands, the Warwick Music Group has been recognised for its disruptive response to the declining sales of traditional trombones, rapidly rising to become the world’s best-selling model. Greenall’s products have been shortlisted for the 2016 Music Teacher Awards for Excellence in the “Best Music Education Product” category.

Last updated: April 23, 2018