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Welcome to the Doghouse: Inside Brewdog’s Craft Beer Hotel

The Founders of the Independent Scottish Brewery Now Plan on Building Hotels in Britain and Beyond

16.04.2018 | by Kezia Parkins
Photo by BrewDog
Photo by BrewDog

Scotland’s favourite craft beer brand released ambitious plans to unveil a 26-room hotel next to its flagship brewery in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. BrewDog, the business brainchild of alcohol-entrepreneur James Watt, will launch The DogHouse as an expansion of the brewery’s headquarters.

With a scheduled opening in 2019, The DogHouse plans to offer guests a spanking-new 300 HL brewhouse on site, along with a new packaging hall and bespoke canning line. The addition of another brewhouse to the company’s headquarters comes as the first time a brewery has expanded into the hotel industry.

The 26-room hotel will offer fully equipped rooms for beverage lovers, including beer taps, beer fridges in the shower and luxurious rooms overlooking the famous brewery itself. Each room will have an unlimited supply of Brewdog’s popular Punk IPA – ideal for revellers who seek a beverage without leaving the comfort of their room.

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Brewdog founders including James Watt paid tribute to BrewDog Equity Punks, the fundraising body set up by BrewDog which assisted the company in raising well in excess of £53 million, pulling it out of financial difficulties. As the brand expands into the United States, BrewDog has also announced plans to open a hotel in Columbus, Ohio.

With a hotel to be built on the site of the company’s American brewery, BrewDog has also set its sights towards opening more breweries across the UK and United States, with a sour brewing facility launched in early 2018.

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It is believed that the site for BrewDog’s British hotel was purchased from screw jack manufacturer Power Jacks, who sold the property after relocating earlier this year. In a gesture of gratitude to the thousands of fans who donated to BrewDog via Equity for Punks, the company has pledged that investors will be given priority booking and other privileges over other guests.

The announcement comes as BrewDog announce the planned construction of new breweries in Australia and China, with the opening of 15 new craft beer venues in the UK and an increased production capacity in its UK brewery – as well as the creation of a dedicated craft beer TV network.

BrewDog was launched in 2007 by Scottish entrepreneurs James Watt and Martin Dickie and has a range of craft beers, pubs and, now, hotels in its business offerings. The brand has attracted significant attention due to its controversial marketing campaigns, including the Tactical Nuclear Penguin, a beer which claimed to be the strongest beer ever made.

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Photo by BrewDog
"The DogHouse is our gift to passionate craft beer fans making the pilgrimage to our brewery in Aberdeenshire. The idea of opening a beer hotel has always been high on our agenda, and now we are finally able to realise that dream, right here at our HQ. This will be the ultimate destination for craft beer fans seeking hops with their holidays. This is a beer Nirvana." - James Watt

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