Welcome to Paris: Station F Launches Europe's Largest Co-Living Space

Flatmates by Station F offers affordable rooms for up to 600 startup workers in Ivry-sur-Seine

01.07.2019 | by Reve Fisher
Photo by Station F/Benoit Florençon
Photo by Station F/Benoit Florençon

Looking for housing in Paris is notoriously difficult. Between the seemingly endless paperwork, lack of reasonably priced apartments and dodgy landlords, landing accommodation anywhere near the capital city can be a nightmare.

To alleviate that problem, Station F has opened the largest co-living space in Europe. With room for up to 600 startup workers in three types of accommodation, Station F members can find a Flatmates room to fit any price point.

Dining room at Flatmates by Station F

“Housing is the biggest pain point that our entrepreneurs face when they arrive in Paris, whether they come from abroad or from outside of Paris,” Roxanne Varza, Station F’s director, explained in a press release. “Rent is expensive in the city and, unless you have a full-time work contract and a guarantor, it can be difficult to find a place. With Flatmates, we’re offering an affordable all-inclusive housing solution to all our entrepreneurs.”

Station F is the world’s largest startup incubator, located in the 13th arrondissement. With over 34,000m² of space in the campus alone, more than 1,000 startups are guided, mentored and accommodated through over 30 startup programmes, 35 public administration services, 40 venture capital funds, four mentorship offices and 600 yearly events. Members pay under €200 a month for their desks, which Roxanne claims is around half the price of other options in Paris.

While the startup incubator has been backed by billionaire Xavier Niel, who invested €250 million in the product, the startups and the rental fees from the campus’ venture capital firms provide Station F’s main source of income, as reported by Forbes.

Roxanne explained that Station F has become a “destination” for many people visiting France or Europe.

“People are really paying attention to our startups … that’s giving them a huge visibility and credibility that they didn’t have previously,” she said.

The campus is also home to Paris’ largest restaurant—a 24/7 dining area that can serve 1,000 people through its four kitchens and bar.

“We […] wanted to have all resources on campus to help startups save time – now they can focus on their startups and they have everything they need right on campus,” Roxanne said in a 2018 interview with

Premium room at Flatmates by Station F

Located in Ivry-sur-Seine, Flatmates housing is 25 minutes from Station F by bus or 15 by bike. All Station F members can apply for a room once they are accepted into one of the startup programmes on campus. Starting at €399/month, residents can request a standard room with shared bathroom, a premium room with a private bathroom or a couple room with a private bathroom and dressing area. Flatmates also offers a café, grocery shop, gym, laundromat, lounge area and event space.

Flatmates uses technology developed by Whoomies, a startup in the Station F’s Founders Programme, to match roommates together who share similar interests and habits, using tags such as “early wake-up,” “always late,” “workaholic,” “pets lover,” etc.

Station F has partnered with a variety of companies to help the residents feel at home, including electric scooter sharing company Dott and food delivery Frichti.

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