Trinity Cyber: Protecting Businesses by Stopping Cyber Attacks in Real Time

The stealth interception startup is using $23 million in recent funding to advance its military-grade solutions to cybersecurity

31.07.2019 | by Reve Fisher
Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash
Photo by Philipp Katzenberger on Unsplash

It seems like barely a week goes by before we hear about the latest data breach. More and more hackers appear to be breaking into the businesses entrusted with our information, forcing us to determine whether our data has been compromised.

With a new $23 million in funding from top institutional investors led by Intel Capital—and the addition of former White House Cyber Chief and Homeland Security Advisor Thomas P Bossert on the company’s management team—Trinity Cyber hopes to turn that around.

“I co-founded Trinity Cyber to transform the way the world addresses the cyber problem,” Trinity Cyber CEO Steve Ryan said in a press release. “No one is doing what Trinity Cyber is doing. No one else can. We make the adversary fail, and we feel this strategic support validates the elegance of our solution.”

The startup works in conjunction with a company’s existing network by offering proactive, adaptive and invisible military-grade cybersecurity services. The company’s patent-pending technology, the Proactive Threat Interference, uses a method to impose stealth interception on external threats, stopping them in their tracks before the customer’s network realises that anything was wrong.

“The trend in global cyber attacks has been going in the wrong direction for some time, and American businesses are paying the price,” Bossert said in a statement. “It’s time we meet this problem with a truly preventive solution. Trinity Cyber provides a high-calibre solution to US businesses that is capable of defeating nation-state level attacks and long overdue.”

Unlike other systems, Trinity Cyber operates completely outside the of their customers’ present networks, offering an invisible shield that has never been available to the general public. It is an additive technology, not a competing one, resulting in increased speed, efficiency, and security.

“As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, technology to counter them needs to stay one step ahead,” said Wendell Brooks, senior vice president of Intel Corporation and president of Intel Capital. “As the threat landscape continues to grow, so does the opportunity to provide cutting edge technology to protect a company’s valuable data. We are excited about being part of Trinity Cyber’s innovative commitment to helping companies stay secure.”

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