The World’s First ‘Bee Influencer’ Makes Waves On Instagram

Created by philanthropic organisation the Fondation De France, ‘B’ promotes products for brands and uses the money raised to support bee-conservation causes.

20.05.2020 | by Christy Romer
Photo by B, compiled by thisiscolossal
Photo by B, compiled by thisiscolossal

There’s a new influencer in town. Candid shots under the Tour D’Eiffel, yoga poses in the beautiful outdoors, paid partnerships with major brands.

B has almost 300,000 followers and has worked with Glamour Paris, department store chain Galeries Lafayette and Airbnb.

But B, is, well… a bee. The world’s first ‘bee influencer’, as it happens.

All of the money that B makes through his/her partnerships is channelled towards bee conservation projects. The more popular B’s posts, the more influential the account becomes, and the more likely brands will be to collaborate and fund the conversation work.



So far, this has included projects to create new links between farmers and beekeepers; training programmes for creating ecological environments that attract bees; and new studies to analyse dietary challenges facing bees.

These are managed by philanthropic organisation Fondation De France, which created B back in 2019.

“It is often thought that the disappearance of bees only concerns bees,” the foundation explains on its website. “Far from it. Bees are a fundamental pillar of our ecosystem, our food, and our global economic system. Protecting bees means protecting the planet, but also humankind.”

“24% of bees die in Europe every year,” the site adds. “75% of the world’s agricultural crops are pollinated by bees, and 84% of wild and cultivated flowering plants are pollinated by bees.”



On Instagram, B is clear about the mission: “Follow me guys: the more followers I have, the more we will save bees!”

B’s photos are just a good time. B hanging out at the cinema, promoting World Food Day, relaxing in the bath after a tough time pollinating. There was also a post featuring B on the front of Glamour Paris as ‘Queen Bee’, with a special edition available on “local hives’ newsstands.”

A paid partnership with beehome.pollinature saw B standing on a ledge in what looks like a European city, flanked by a shelter box. “Thanks to @beehome.pollinature, I opened the first shelter for my wild friends to be able to stay home and safe,” the bee influencer wrote.

“Fully designed for my wild fellows so they can have some power naps, and protect their offspring. Beehome’s super comfy insect hotels offer the best shelters for wild bees, and contribute to their protection.”

More of B’s adventures can be found on Instagram.

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