Telehealth Startup LIVI is Partnering With Boots

Swedish startup LIVI has announced its next big move to make healthcare accessible

09.09.2019 | by Kezia Parkins
Photo by Pharmacy Business
Photo by Pharmacy Business

Online video consultation service LIVI has announced a partnership with beloved high-street pharmacy Boots UK in a bid to “help make access to healthcare even easier.”

The announcement comes just one month after the Swedish startup revealed that it had signed new major deals with the NHS, enabling access to app-based video GP consultations for more than 1.85 million UK patients.

LIVI‘s new deal with Boots comes as part of the NHS Long-term Plan stating that all patients in the UK have a “right to web and video consultations by 2021.”

It also reflects a larger plan of Boots to create an ‘onmi-channel pharmacy experience.’ This year, the retailer has already introduced a free online NHS repeat prescription service, a cystitis test and treat service as well as VOYCE, an interpretation service for non-English speaking pharmacy patients.

LIVI’s offering allows patients to see a GP via video consultation in a Boots store at a time that suits them.

Using a confidential pharmacy consultation room and in-store tablet computer, a LIVI GP can provide patients with trusted medical advice, diagnostics, referrals and prescriptions supported by a Boots pharmacist.

The result is end-to-end healthcare delivered in minutes.

LIVI, Boots

Boots x LIVI consultation room

Luke Buhl-Nielsen, country director for LIVI UK, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Boots to help more patients access quality healthcare at a time and place that suits them best.

“We believe that the health system should be more responsive to the needs of patients; digital health tech, such as LIVI, is the key to unlocking a more responsive and flexible health service. LIVI lessens the burden on the NHS – using technology to reduce missed appointments, lower costs, and improve care.”

Telehealth is being touted as a new way to reduce the strain on the NHS and on GPs while offering them greater working flexibility.

Such services can also reduce a huge amount of strain from patients, as they can lessen the time needed to travel and wait, often resulting in hours of missed work.

A spokesperson for Boots told Digital Health News that the in-store service aimed to undercut private GP services, offering consultations for £25 per appointment.

Paul Dunne, transformation director at Boots UK, added: “Technology is changing the face of pharmacy and in this digital age, we know our patients, and their carers, want convenient, simple and accessible solutions to manage and take control of their health.

“Our collaboration helps make this new, digital model of care a more mainstream part of the NHS and has huge potential to alleviate the growing pressure on our healthcare system.”

The LIVI video GP service is initially piloting an NHS service in North West Surrey from 5 September, and as a private service in Boots’ London Liverpool Street store from 19 September.

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