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Mime et moi is Changing the Game in Footwear with Changeable Heels

Aiming to make party-feet pain a thing of the past, Mime et moi sandals can go from stiletto to flats in a matter of seconds

16.03.2020 | by Kezia Parkins
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If you are someone who has ever worn heels, you will likely know what an extreme sport it can sometimes be. 

Blisters, bunions and unbecoming waddling –just a few of the delights that might await the person who leaves the house in that ill-fitting and unsensible, but super-cute pair of high-heels without bringing a backup pair of flats. 

Dubbed as ‘every woman’s dream,’ Mime et Moi are changing the game with their range of modern heels that transform into flats in seconds.

 The three founders of the German label came up with the idea after often seeing their girlfriends trudge home barefoot from nights out because of the pain their party shoes were causing.

Each pair of Mime et Moi shoes can be adjusted to seven different heel shapes and heights, including the Stiletto High (10cm), Block High (10cm), Superblock High (10cm), Stiletto Mid (7cm), Superblock Mid (7cm) and Flat (3cm).

Mime et moi

The heel change couldn’t be more simple and works via a ‘patented click system’.

Wearers simply pull the small lever hidden in the sole until the heel comes out of its binding then close the lever and attach a new heel. 

To complete the process they step onto the heel of their foot until they hear the heel lock into place.

What makes the brand really stand out besides their interchangeable heels, is that the shoes themselves come in a wide range of styles, colours and materials giving the wearer the opportunity to create a completely customized look that can go from a flat sandal to a 4-inch style — from office to bar. 

The shoes vary in price and start from $159, the heels cost between $40 and $50 and both come in leather, suede and velvet with colours including metallics, petrol, denim, poppy red, mustard and rose. 

The high-quality feet gadgets are manufactured in a small factory in Spain where they combine traditional shoemaking with high-tech. They have been a big hit throughout Europe since their 2016 launch in Munich. 

Mime et moi

The brand recently branched out and now customers in the US and Australia will be able to get their hands on a pair. 

With the issue of sustainability becoming a top factor for consumers Mime et moi’s concept allows people to up their shoe game while keeping actual pairs down to a minimum.


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