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Sofie Lindblom Helps Entrepreneurs Bring Creativity to the Workplace

21.05.2018 | by Kezia Parkins
Photo by ... on ideas and friends
Photo by ... on ideas and friends

Sofie Lindblom served as the global innovation expert at Spotify for a few years before using her expertise to create a company of her own. She is now the CEO of Ideation 360, a company that drives innovation and execution of ideas in startups.

Ideation 360 is part of a bigger umbrella organisation called Innovation 360, which consists of three companies that collaborate closely to help organisations build up their innovative capacity.

Ideation360 gets involved in the final phase when the organisation has set its targets and plans to achieve them. The company has also developed an app that helps to structure and facilitate the process, where you can enter your ideas and react to those from other people.

The idea behind the company is to take the lead in the developing innovation management business. A number of startups struggle with thinking outside the box when it comes to developing their business, despite having developed cutting-edge products.

Sofie Lindblom, CEO and co-founder of Ideation 360, is passionate about getting more girls to choose technology. She has gotten involved in the association Womengineer and has held a TEDx talk titled IT Girls are the new it Girls.

“People have so many preconceptions about what an engineer is and does. I almost missed the engineering profession because I didn’t think it was for me. We have to broaden the image, so more girls get the chance to become master problem-solvers, and change the world. It’s important for society as well. We’re facing a very serious skills shortage.”
– Sophie Lindblom, CEO of Ideation 360

Lindblom says that Ideation 360 helps companies break out of their narrow approach to executing their goals and explore new opportunities. Ideation360 builds up the organisation’s own innovation capabilities and skills through training, coaching and support, assuring that the client has the readiness to innovate for many years to come.

Ideation has over 100 innovation professionals in over 20 countries licensed and taught in the company’s methods of training and use of the platform.

Enterprise model of Ideation 360
Source: Ideation 360

The company’s package includes a SaaS-based platform which acts as a project management tool and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The Innovation360 framework for assessing innovation capabilities bridge science and business through AI, data-driven analysis and insights from over 6,000 organizations in 60 countries.

In 2016 Sofie was awarded one of the top 111 most influential women in Business and one of Sweden’s Top 100 Talents. In 2017 Sofie was listed as one of the 99 most promising professionals in Sweden.

Sweden is seeing a phenomenal rise in the number of startups within the last decade. Sophie’s company has ventured into a relatively new area, but with the growth of Ideation 360 set to align with the growth of the startup hub of Europe, the future looks incredibly promising.

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Photo by ... on Innovation 360
"Innovation is business-critical, and more and more businesses understand this. We have to get better at making use of our ideas. That’s how we’re going to find solutions to the big problems: clean water, climate change, education for everyone…"
Sofie Lindblom

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