Marty’s Place is The Retirement Home For Senior Dogs

Founder Doreen Jakubcak also wants to change perceptions about adopting older dogs.

18.08.2020 | by Christy Romer
Marty's Place Founder Doreen Jakubcak with 17-year-old Rocky. Photo on Ashbury Park Press
Marty's Place Founder Doreen Jakubcak with 17-year-old Rocky. Photo on Ashbury Park Press

What happens to shelter dogs when they get older, and no one has adopted them?

If they’re lucky—and live in New Jersey—they move to Marty’s Place, a perfect retirement home for dogs in the final phases of their lives.

The centre has everything you’d hope for in a high-quality retirement home: medical and dental care; activities suited to age and ability; sleeping suites; human and dog companionship.

There’s even an indoor pool and a family room where the dogs can play with volunteers, as well as specialised walking trails to do a bit of exercise.

Marty’s Place is the result of love for animals. Founder Doreen Jakubcak explained to ABC7 News that “The chances of an older dog being adopted and leaving a shelter is not as great as for a puppy.

“We decided we wanted to help senior dogs.”


Marty's Place

Photo on Ashbury Park Press


The idea is also to try and change the perception of older dogs, as some of the dogs are also available for adoption. The dogs can stay at Marty’s for as long as they’d like, but also, “when we can we try to place a dog in a new adoptive home,” Jakubcak adds.

Speaking to the news site, one volunteer said that most people don’t realise just how rewarding it can be to adopt an older dog. “They know and they will show you endless love until their dying day,” the volunteer said.

Awareness about Marty’s Place follows a renewed focus on pets in the modern age: Music giant Spotify’s recently decided to launch playlists and podcasts for dogs left at home alone, and organisations such as FIDO are using the blockchain to disrupt the dog walking market.

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