#LockdownBirding: The Stay-at-Home Trend Connecting People With Nature

People around the world are turning to Twitter to share pictures of birds and other wildlife they’ve enjoyed from the comfort of their own windows.

03.04.2020 | by Christy Romer
Photo of a Collared Dove. By David Lindo on Twitter
Photo of a Collared Dove. By David Lindo on Twitter

As the world struggles to contain the coronavirus, people on almost every continent have been ordered to stay home to stay safe.

This restricted movement has led to a better appreciation for things we once took for granted—such as a stroll in the great outdoors.

Recognising this, people have begun sharing pictures and stories of birds they’ve seen from their windows using the hashtag #LockdownBirding.

The infinitely wholesome feed features close-up videos of a Stork-billed Kingfisher from Goa, bright yellow Corn Buntings in the UK and a Collared Dove (pictured above) in Spain.

Others have set up time-lapse cameras next to bird feeders or trained professional-level photography on key branches in the local vicinity.



#LockdownBirding is a place where people not only share images of animals, but also their backyards; their regular walking routes, if leaving the house is still possible; and birdwatching stories and clips from previous travels.

Popular author and presenter David Lindo, also known online as “The Urban Birder,” is one of the trend’s biggest proponents.

Lindo has spent 19 days in quarantine in Extremadura, a region in the Southwest of Spain. During this time, he has essentially been restricted to moving between his flat and the sun terrace.

Yet he’s still managed to see 35 different species of bird—including the rare Hoopoe and a White Wagtail.


Lindo, who in normal times organises wildlife events and workshops, hosts a daily lockdown livestream on all things birding. Recent discussions have covered binoculars, field guides and the importance of parks and green spaces in urban environments.

“My message is really that if this is going to happen to you or if it is happening to you right now, aside from using the time to get to know your family better, it’s a good time to also get to know your family outside: Nature,” he said in one video on Twitter.

“Try and spare some time, because you’ll have plenty of it, to look out your window to go in your garden and just to notice nature. It will bring you peace, make you feel grounded, and, hopefully, make the [quarantine] fly by.”

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