LA-Based Modern Animal is Bringing Telemedicine to Pet Care

The startup aims to create a "more human animal experience" and improve veterinary care with technology.

29.10.2019 | by Reve Fisher
Photo by Manuel Meza on Unsplash
Photo by Manuel Meza on Unsplash

Based in Los Angeles, California, Modern Animal is bringing pet care in line with advances in modern medicine.

The telemedicine startup was founded by Steven Eidelman, the co-founder and COO of Whistle, a PetTech company that developed smart products and a mobile platform to help pets live healthier and happier lives. Whistle was acquired by Mars Petcare in 2016.

Eidelman’s latest venture aims to further improve the lives’ of animals by offering next-generation veterinary care services. In an interview with TechCrunch, he explained that Modern Animal has a similar business model to One Medical, a telehealth company providing 24/7 access to digital health care and more personalised in-clinic primary care services.

“We are doing everything here from veterinarian care at the clinic itself to building our own technology platform for clients and doctors,” he said.

For a yearly membership fee of $100, customers have access to unlimited medical exams for their pets, 24/7 virtual access to experts and digital health care, access to medical records and easy-to-understand invoices and estimates.

The app also offers convenience in both booking appointments and being seen by a medical professional.

“Schedule an appointment, drop-off, chat with us or even just walk in when it’s best for you,” the website explains. “We’re constantly working to make it as convenient as humanly possible for you and your pet too.”

The startup plans to open its membership platform in Los Angeles in early 2020, with plans to operate at least 50 locations throughout the US. Each branch will be designed to be considerate to both animals and humans. No ringing phones will be at the front desk, and dogs and cats will be attended to in separate areas—both for humans who may have allergies and for animals who do not want to interact with different species.

Eidelman explained that Modern Animal should also help reduce wait times, improve customer service and streamline daily operations in veterinary care.

“The idea is to create a really safe and comfortable environment for the animal,” Eidelman said. “But the only way we can get them great care is if we also take care of humans.”

The Los Angeles location will offer dental and surgery services, but overnight services will not be available. Eidelman explained that the company will refer clients to an emergency room or specialist if their pets need a more complex level of care.

Modern Animal raised $13.5 million in seed funding in a round led by Founders Fund, with participation from Upfront Ventures, Susa Ventures and others. The funds will be used to launch the startup’s first location.

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