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It’s Not a Shoe, It’s Not a Flip-Flop -- It’s a Flip-Shoe

Link has created the world's first Flip-Shoe, a flip-flop trainer hybrid.

01.07.2019 | by Kezia Parkins
Photo by Link on IndieGoGo
Photo by Link on IndieGoGo

If you are not sold on the appearance of Flip-Shoe, then remember when Crocs first came out

“They are ugly,” they said. “Who in their right mind would wear those?” they said. Well, Crocs has sold over 300 million pairs of those weird looking “shoes,” so who’s laughing now?

Flip-Shoes, the “sole-based shoes” could be destined for the same sort of success, as there are those who value comfort and functionality above fashionability. 

Link, the startup responsible for Flip-Shoe is currently raising funds on IndieGoGo and have raised 454% of their $12,500 goal, with 21 days left to go. They hit their goal just a day after launching.

“Why settle for ordinary shoes or flip-flops when you can have them both rolled into one?” says Flip.

Link’s patented shoe design promises, a sense of freedom, simplicity and lightness — “a new species of shoe.” The “sole-based shoes” description is pretty accurate as Flip-Shoes are essentially the sole of a shoe that hugs the tips of the toes. 

Their aim is to give the wearer the freedom and lightness of a flip-flop with the protection of a shoe. 

The design of the flip-shoe is simple but encompasses a few smart features:

 – Cushioning from a breathable EVA insole with anti-odour/bacterial properties

– traction from sole pads interlaced with flex joints that mimic the joints of the foot for more natural movement.

– Hard TPU sides hug the foot for a closer, surer fit.

Apparently, they can be worn for all occasions — working, walking, running, cycling and even skateboarding. 

It’s true that for some occasions there is no such thing as the perfect shoe. Hot climates call for flip-flops, but these can become slippery and dangerous when the feet sweat excessively.

And, sports require something lightweight and breathable while providing support and stability.

There could be something to be said for the Flip-Shoe’s convenience while travelling as the lightweight shoes could be great for carry-on luggage and the non-slip soles could be a boon for the poolside if one could find a complimentary swimsuit to pair them with.

Regardless of what naysayers and fashion fanatics may think of this new class of shoe, people are clearly interested if Link’s crowdfunding figures are anything to go by. 

Earlybird pricing is currently $69 a pair if you buy two or more but Link’s retail price is set to be a less attractive $119 a pair when they start shipping in November.

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