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Italian Brand NIO Delivers Sustainably Packaged Cocktails to Your Door

Quarantine cocktails, anyone? 

02.04.2020 | by Kezia Parkins
Image via NIO Cocktails
Image via NIO Cocktails

Stuck at home? Bored? Reminiscing about happy hour and the days of freedom that we took for granted before the world was struck by the coronavirus pandemic?

Us too! 

But, on a lighter note, we have been coming across some exciting startups that could make quarantine a bit more bearable. One such brand is NIO Cocktails, the customisable cocktail subscription-style box.

Yep, that’s right… cocktail hour delivered to your door — all you need is ice. 

In fact, NIO is an acronym for, “Needs Ice Only” — cute!

The brand allows you to “build a box” of your favourite, up-market beverages. From the classic Cosmo to the exotic Daquiri. 

Boxes come in sizes of 3,6 and 9 cocktails with 14 different tipples to choose from including the classics and NIO’s signature house fusions. 

Handily, no matter how many cocktails you go for, the box will fit through your letterbox — perfect during these times of quarantine and social distancing. 

Plus, NIO operates as a pay as you go system as opposed to a subscription service giving customers the choice and convenience of ordering different combinations of cocktails at any time, without having to be locked into a monthly order.

Set-up in Italy in 2016, NIO Cocktails launched in the UK in December 2019.

The brand was founded by Italian cocktail lovers, Alessandro Palmarinwho and Luca Quagliano.

The duo was inspired by a single, simple idea whilst hosting friends one evening: to bring expertly crafted “ready-to-savour” cocktails into their home to enhance their evenings.

For them, this meant the same expertise you would expect from a seasoned shaker wielding barman, the same premium booze brands and quality ingredients, and the same range of cocktails. 

“Everything you expect to discover in the world’s best bars. The only difference – Needs Ice Only, no other specialist knowledge, ingredients or bar implements required.”

To create the menu of drinks, Alessandro and Luca hired professional mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, founder of World’s Best 50 Bars’ Drink Kong. 

Each cocktail is packaged in its own uniquely-designed sleeve that not only takes into account style but sustainability too.

“Our immediate goal now is to remove any use of petroleum-based products in our packaging which will also support all of our packaging being recyclable,” states NIO’s website.

The company only uses FSC Paper (paper from responsible sources) that’s 100% recyclable for the letterboxes and the pouch sleeves and the inner liquid pouch is currently 45% bio-based. “Our goal is to be 100% compostable,” NIO adds.

Nio says that during the current pandemic they will continue to operate as long as authorities advise that it is safe.

Currently, the brand is donating 10% of the profits of every 9-box to The Trussel Trust, an NGO and charity that works to end hunger in the UK.

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