India's Is Helping Doctors Diagnose and Treat Patients through AI

The company's AI model helps radiology clinicians provide correct interpretations on X-rays, MRIs and CT scans in a matter of seconds.

03.03.2020 | by Reve Fisher
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Based in Mumbai, India, is aiming to make healthcare more accessible and affordable through artificial intelligence

Since its founding in 2016, is now present in over 20 countries and has affected over 600,000 lives. The company’s AI model was developed with deep learning technology and a database of over seven million scans, helping medical professionals to provide correct interpretations on X-rays, MRIs and CT scans within seconds, reducing time to treatment.

“We are proud to have taken our solutions beyond the research stage to actually impacting patient lives across more than 200 locations in 20 countries,” said co-founder and CEO Prashant Warier in a statement. “Our products ensure that life-saving treatments can be delivered to patients, even in remote locations, in a fraction of the time required for traditional scan interpretation.” dashboard dashboard

According to Venture Beat, can currently identify up to 15 medical conditions, including tuberculosis, COPD, lung malignancies and certain cardiac disorders.

“We’re building a system that captures the combined expertise of hundreds of doctors, to create better, faster, and wider-reaching diagnostics,” co-founder and head of R&D Dr. Pooja Rao told YourStory. “We have trained algorithms to perform tasks that were previously the domain of highly trained doctors. The algorithms help free up physician time, prioritise cases that need special attention, and enable more accurate diagnosis, leading to better outcomes for patients, at lower costs.”

The company’s head CT product, the qER, uses a mobile app to broadcast a non-diagnostic preview and prepopulated radiology templates for medical professionals. The solution uses algorithms to detect, localise and quantify brain abnormalities. The qER is the only system in the industry to detect every critical brain pathology on a head CT scan, including five types of intracranial hemorrhages, cranial fractures, infarcts, midline shift and mass effect (for tumour detection).

All of the startup’s products are CE certified, assuring they meet the safety standards set by the European Union.

Clinics wishing to use the model can either employ a cloud-hosted setup or a locally hosted, on-premise system. Through both platforms, radiologists can utilise a workflow management tool that supports patient registration and tracking, follow-up appointments and X-ray screenings scheduled for said appointments. The dashboard show users an overview of registered patients along with information about their medical conditions, bacteriological test results and radiology reports. earned $16 million in a funding round led by Sequoia India with participation by MassMutual Ventures Southeast Asia. These funds will be used to further expand the company worldwide, expand its product portfolio and support regulatory clearances.

“Medical imaging is one of the fields in healthcare where there is enough digitised data to turn the promise of AI into a reality,” said Anjana Sasidharan, principal at Sequoia India. “The sophistication of’s algorithms and predictive analytics tools, coupled with their expert team of data scientists and physicians positions them very well versus their global competitors.”

“What sets them apart is their ability to deploy commercially at scale across multiple countries; something many others have failed to do as strong algorithms don’t always translate to robust commercial products.”

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