Cooking Advice is Now Only a Text Away

Great Jones launches Potline, an on-demand service with cooking and cleaning tips

05.06.2019 | by Reve Fisher
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Great Jones has a mission: to help its customers “feel equipped and empowered to cook more frequently.” Now, in addition to its line of luxury pots, pans and other cookware, the startup wants to expand its services by providing advice on recipes, cooking and cleaning.

The New York-based company has launched an experimental platform called Potline. Through the free service, users can send a text message to receive help at any stage of the cooking process, including choosing a recipe, troubleshooting any cooking problems, and even advice about cleaning up afterwards.

Sierra Tishgart, co-founder of the company, stated that such a service is a “a really natural extension” of the Great Jones brand. As customers often contacted the startup with questions that weren’t entirely related to its products, creating a platform to officially address these concerns was the next logical step.

The decision to provide this service via text message further demonstrates the company’s desire to treat its customers as if they were friends or family.

“We really want this to feel like that you are in the middle of making pasta and your sauce isn’t landing — how would you look for help there? I would text somebody,” Sierra told TechCrunch. “We really realized that is just the fastest, most immediate and natural form of communication.”

Even when the concept for the luxury cookware brand was merely a dream, Sierra and Maddy Moelis, the company’s co-founder and Sierra’s long-time friend, wanted to reach their customers’ pain points and ease their experience in the kitchen.

“Priorities started to emerge,” she wrote in Bon Appétit. “Craft a more comfortable handle. Weld that handle, so food doesn’t get stuck in rivets. Make sure that handle doesn’t get hot. Create space-saving solutions. Cross materials (offering a mix of ceramic nonstick, stainless, and cast-iron enamel), but keep the look of the collection sleek and consistent. It was also important to us to make sure that as much as our designs were functional, that they were beautiful too.”

Now, the duo and their team have the opportunity to create special moments with their customers.

“It’s great to see someone write in to say, ‘Hey I’m cooking for my new girlfriend or boyfriend, and I want a roast chicken recipe,'” Sierra said.

To begin, the Potline service will only be available on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4pm to 8pm Eastern Standard Time. Although it’s not much time, users will be able to talk directly to someone with ample experience in the kitchen. Gaby Scelzo, the Great Jones customer service lead, has a bachelor’s in food studies from New York University and refers to herself as a “part-time investment baker” on Instagram.

“We don’t have a large team doing this,” Sierra explained. “This is very much an experiment for us. Gaby is answering the questions. We’re on our own text thread with seven of us in the office contributing, but it’s really going to be relying on Gaby’s expertise [and] a large database of recipes.”

If Potline is successful, it may extend its hours. In the meantime, if you would like to ask Gaby for her thoughts on your next culinary adventure, send a text to 1-814-BISCUIT on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

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