BrainCheck: Helping Physicians Care for Dementia Patients

The enterprise healthcare app helps dementia patients, caregivers, and clinicians to work together and track changes over time.

14.10.2019 | by Reve Fisher
Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash
Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

Used in over 200 clinical practices around the world, BrainCheck is helping doctors, caregivers and dementia patients work together to lessen the toll of the degenerative disease. 

Founded in 2015, the enterprise tech company uses  interactive cognitive assessment and care management technology to make caring for dementia patients easier for all involved.

“To date, more than 100,000 individuals are using BrainCheck to monitor their cognitive health, and this is only the beginning,” David Eagleman, co-founder and chief science officer of BrainCheck, said in a statement. “We’re providing a platform for patients, caregivers, and physicians to work together to manage one of the biggest public health crises of our time.”

BrainCheck uses tests administered from an iPhone, iPad or desktop computer to interpret a patient’s current level of cognitive functioning to develop a customised treatment plan. Unlike older, less efficient cognitive tests, BrainCheck help physicians to test, diagnose and create a treatment plan for patients quickly and reliably.

The platform also detects cognitive changes in dementia patients early, helping the patients, caregivers and clinicians work together to preserve brain health and functional independence as long as possible.

“Cognitive healthcare should be an end-to-end solution where problems can be assessed early, and results shared between patients and physicians,” said Dr. Yael Katz, co-founder and CEO of BrainCheck. “By analysing multiple forms of data, BrainCheck helps physicians create and fine-tune personalized interventions. This not only improves outcomes for current patients, but is invaluable to developing management and treatment strategies for future generations.”

BrainCheck uses a digital platform and artificial intelligence to track patients over time. The AI technology then compares the datasets and ultimately improves the accuracy and efficiency of the diagnoses and treatment plans,  empowering physicians in the process.

BrainCheck patient portal

BrainCheck patient portal

The technology also helps doctors get paid for some of their services—specifically, cognitive care management that’s reimbursed by the US Medicare system—and reduces healthcare costs.

The Houston, Texas-based company raised $8 million in Series A funding in a round co-led by S3 Ventures and Tensility Venture Partners, with participation from True Wealth Ventures and Nueterra Capital.

“As healthcare operators, we know that change in healthcare is hard to implement,” said Kevin Standefer, strategic investor at Nueterra Capital. “This device provides an operational efficiency to physician practices by enabling them to get the right care to patients sooner.”

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