Boundless is Helping Immigrants in the US for a Fraction of the Cost of a Lawyer

The online platform streamlines and simplifies the spousal visa and US citizenship application processes

11.11.2019 | by Reve Fisher
Photo by Justin Cron on Unsplash
Photo by Justin Cron on Unsplash

The Trump Administration has made international headlines for its tough stance on immigration, including the 2017 travel ban, “zero tolerance” immigration policies and family separations, restriction of refugee applications and the infamous border wall. While a number of companies, organisations and private citizens have spoken out against these measures and expressed their support for foreign nationals wishing to live in or visit the US, the hostile sentiment only adds to the difficulties involved in the immigration process.

Boundless co-founder and CEO Xiao Wang left China as a young child over to move to the United States with his family. He realised that his family’s situation—spending five months’ worth of rent money on immigration attorneys—was an experience that millions of immigrants and their families have been forced to endure to figure out the US immigration and residency process.

“Families have really only had two choices, they could spend weeks or months trying to figure this out on their own, or they can spend thousands and thousands of dollars on an immigration attorney,” Wang told TechCrunch. “What we are trying to do is basically give everyone access to the information, the tools and the support that was previously only available to those that could afford high-priced attorneys.”

Through the Boundless online platform, aspiring immigrants and their partners can get assistance for the spousal visa—or “marriage green card”—process for a fraction of the cost of an immigration lawyer, a flat fee of $750. Based in Seattle, the company also offers online citizenship assistance for those who are already permanent residents in the US for under $400. Both processes, which cover customer and legal support throughout the entire application process, can be paid for in installments with no interest fees.

The company has turned the required government forms into questions that can be filled out online in about two hours. The documents are securely stored online and even printed out and assembled in the way the US government prefers. A member of the Boundless team will help make sure the documentation is ready to be reviewed by an immigration lawyer.

Through its network of independent immigration lawyers, clients can ask questions and discuss concerns about the process for no additional cost—a stark difference from the typical hourly fee of most immigration attorneys. The startup also helps clients to get ready for their in-person interviews and provides assistance to answer government questions. Boundless assists their clients until the very end, offering a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and boasting a 100 percent success rate for clients who have made it to the interview stage.

“The stakes for making sure your application is correct have never been higher; the government has far more leeway to be able to deny applications,” Wang stated. “While we can’t speed up the government processing times, we can make meaningful improvements to helping families gather all the materials they need to send in the right information.”

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