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About Global Shakers:

Our mission is to help drive positive change around the world by inspiring people. 

Global Shakers is a new innovative publishing platform that profiles and tells the story of “game changers” from across industries and society—the people who are innovating, disrupting and building our future world. We are creating irresistible content and building influential networks by bringing shakers together in unique validated communities. 

Through this platform, we hope to appeal to industry professionals, innovators and everyday people from across the world who want to be informed and take inspiration from others.

Inform . Engage . Inspire

The Core Team: 

Alan Griffin | Founder & CEO: Alan is an award-winning media executive having worked for Time Inc, Forbes, Reuters, FT and AOL in the UK, US and Asia. He has created some of the World’s leading news services whilst innovating with the latest in social magnification and network building.

Connor Stansfield | Lead Developer: Connor is a keen young software developer, aspiring entrepreneur and travelling musician. He has journeyed from the distant shores of New Zealand since 2016, collecting ideas and creative inspiration from around the world that have shaped his evolving views and hopes for the future.

David Schlesinger | Editorial Advisor & Director: David is an Emmy award-winning journalist and editor. He was previously the chairman of Thomson Reuters China and editor-in-chief of Reuters, managing over 2,500 editors and journalists around the world. He is a true editorial giant.

Joachim Schmaltz | Advisor & Board Member: Media executive who has held key commercial and management positions at Handlesblatt, where he was CEO, Thomson Reuters SVP and now Wochit. Jo is also an angel investor and an avid believer in innovation.

Kezia Parkins | Editor: Kezia is the editor and driver of day-to-day content. She has worked as an editor at the Royal College of Surgeons and on Pharma Boardroom. Passionate about how technology and the world of science is changing the world to help all.

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